How to Prove the Value of your Brand on the shelf, spacewise

    Area of measurement: (e.g. sq.m., sq.ft.)  
Say: Customer sells of your brand per annum    
  Gross Profit on Sales = =    
  i.e. cost of goods to customer =    
Say: Your brand occupies (footprint*) and has stores        
Therefore: The brands GMROS would be / = per  
      And sales per annum would be = per  
This measure allows comparisons of brands, categories, alternative sitings, and store vs. total company.
* Calculate the brand-footprint as follows: Measure base of pack (width x depth) x average number of bottom layer packs on shelf. NB. The footprint of packs on second layer, third layer etc should be ignored. In other words. The tool calculates all sales of the product per floor space, in sq. ft. or sq. mtr., as appropriate.