Our level of operation is tailored to our clients’ requirements. For some we act as support to the marketing function, whereas for others we assume responsibility for all elements of the marketing mix and are heavily involved in general management decisions such as long-term business strategy, pricing, product development direction and, in some cases, profit and loss responsibility.

Implementing the brand strategy is the key to driving business growth and to acquiring and keeping a competitive advantage in a crowded market. Essentially, this is achieved by establishing a brand identity, determining which markets and demographic groups to target, how to increase market share and then to develop, implement and control all elements of the marketing mix including;


MARKETING INITIATIVES works closely with a number of specialist marketing and advertising agencies to produce anything from sales brochures to full on-line and national TV advertising campaigns. As part of this, MARKETING INITIATIVES develops the advertising strategy, briefs the creative and media – buying, undertakes pre and post -research and exercises control of the whole campaign.


Marketing Initiatives has extensive experience in utilising public relations as an extremely cost-effective way of increasing the awareness of our clients and their brands through press releases, features, photo-calls, editorial visits, open days, product launches, corporate events and newsletters.

Direct Mail

Where appropriate, we undertake direct mailing campaigns letters, leaflet insertion and posting information using a multitude of different search formats.

Market Research

Market research is an extremely effective tool for assisting a company to determine what type of products or services would be profitable to introduce into the market; to know how well a product is doing and determine what factors affect its growth or survival; also whether it has been able to satisfy customer needs or any changes need to be made.

MARKETING INITIATIVES has considerable experience in undertaking and analysing a full range of qualitative and quantitative research projects designed to meet the needs of the clients and their marketing plans including: Market Measurement , Panelling, Range & Space Analysis, Advertising Research, Customer Needs & Satisfaction Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Research, NPD Research, Promotional Analysis and Competitor Reviews.

Category Management

Our team has years of experience working to develop category management plans with the major grocery retailers on behalf of major FMCG companies. See section on brand – Category Management. + Read more