Distribution requirement

The supply chain in the UK is one of the most sophisticated in the world and is virtually unique in offering centralised management control. Whether the supply chain is Ambient, Chilled or Frozen, the service level demanded by the retailers in the UK is 99.70% and therefore good logistics control is critical to the success of any product launches in the market.

When looking at the route to market, we take into consideration both the requirements of our clients and the needs of the customer being supplied. We will negotiate with the supply chain to ensure that we supply our client with the most cost-effective route to market. We work with a number of consolidators to maximise the gain and deliver best practices. The consolidator will store products, manage the order capture and consolidate onto a pallet with other products and deliver these to the customer’s depots called Regional Distribution Centres (RDC). This is a very good way of operating, especially with a new customer, as starting volumes may be very low. A consolidator will handle orders ranging from one unit to a full pallet.

MARKETING INITIATIVES is there to manage a seamless transition throughout the supply chain. We build an open communication and deal with issues quickly and effectively to ensure 7 day a week availability.

The Logistics Flow :




Our services:

  • Find the most cost effective route for servicing customers.
  • Help to set up EDI link between the consolidator, our clients and their customers.
  • Orders are transmitted in parallel to our clients and their consolidator.
  • We work with supplier to ensure the ideal unit and case size is provided to meet customer’s needs.
  • We are responsible with our clients to keep sufficient stock in the warehouse although the consolidator will manage orders and provide daily stock situation.
  • The cost of storage, picking and delivery from the consolidator is transparent as a contract is agreed between our clients and the consolidator.
  • Our clients invoice directly the custumers based on the orders received.