Product Development

Private Label business can be lucrative but it is also very demanding and places considerable responsibility on supplier in sales, manufacturing and technical functions. We work with clients to devise plans for developing Private Label business, improve their capabilities for achieving this and implement their sales plans.

In Order to succeed in developing Private Label in the UK, we ensure

  • We fully understand the retailer decision making process.
  • We identify which retailer to prioritise according to the client’s strategy and its product’s capabilities.
  • We identify the right product for the right retailer following an extensive market review. Read more +
  • Most importantly, we are fully aware of the technical requirement for each retailer and their quality assurance standards. Read more +


In order to successfully prepare for a Private Label tender, we will provide;

  • Market sector, consumer trend and shopping habits analysis.
  • An in-depth understanding of the retailer’s objectives, strategy and technical demand.
  • Identification of the market opportunities taking into consideration the product and budget constraints.
  • Understanding of the retailer demand of any joint business plan.